Wednesday, January 05, 2005


T1: How do you know when it is time to take a baby out of a crib and into a real bed?

Me: In your case it was when I came into your room and found you climbing over the rail, almost falling on your head. We went out and bought beds that very day.

T1: And what keeps roofs together and stuck on houses?

Me: Usually they nail them on.

T1: With hammers?

Me: Exactly.

T1: Do they have to use long nails?

Me: I guess some of the time.

T1: If we get a new roof, can I help you hammer it on?

Me: Of course.

T1: I wish I could see into the insides of every person.

Me: Why is that?

T1: I would like to know what is in there.

Me: Oh.

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