Wednesday, October 19, 2005


"What did you in art today?" I asked.

"We learned the primary colors," T1 said.

"No, we didn't," T2 said. "That was last week. This week we learned the secondary colors."

"We learned the primary colors first," T1 shouted.

"That wasn't learning. That was a review," T2 countered.

"And what are the secondary colors?" I asked.

"Green, orange, and purple!" they shouted together.

"Hey!" T1 said. "He asked me."

"No. He didn't. He asked me," T2 replied.

"I asked both of you," I said.

"What comes after the secondary colors?" T2 asked.

"I can't remember the name," I said. "I'll have to look it up."

"Is it the ordinary colors?" T2 asked.

"She asked the art teacher that," T1 said.

"Mrs. Melchior said there are no ordinary colors," T2 said. "But there are."

"We don't have ordinary colors in art class," T1 said.

"It is a word like ordinary," T2 said. "Maybe ordin-dary."

"Ordindairy!" T1 exclaimed. "That would be colors that cows could see."

"I said it was a word like that," T2 said.

"Cows in a dairy barn would have ordindairy colors, not people," T1 asserted.

"If you don't stop laughing, I am going to cut open gray kitty and pull out all of her stuffing," T2 said.

T1 was nonplussed. "Hey!" she yelled.

"It's tertiary," LZ called from downstairs. "And that's enough shouting."

"When are we going to have potatoes again?" T2 asked.

"What?" I asked.

"I said, when are we going to have potatoes at dinner?"

"We can have them soon, I guess," I said.

"You always say that, then we have pasta or rice," she replied.

"We can have potatoes," I said.

"And I want real potatoes only," T2 said.

"What do you mean, real potatoes?" I asked.

"She means big potatoes from the oven, not the smashed up kind in a bowl," T1 explained.

"We can have them," I said. "Soon. Just don't hurt gray kitty."

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