Monday, November 28, 2005

"Burgess just pulled up," someone said.

"Who invited him?" I asked.

"Happy Thanksgiving," Burgess said as he walked in the door.

"Who invited you?" I asked.

"Ha," Burgess said. "Ha."

Burgess looked around. "You know, I don't think I've ever been here before."

"Sure you have," some people said.

"Don't you remember that party last summer?" someone asked.

"I wasn't here," Burgess said.

"What about the Christmas before last? That big get-together?"

"Nope," said Burgess.

"Oh well," I said.


The turkey was eaten. Afternoon turned to night. Pies were chopped up. Coffee was poured. People dispersed. The children were putting on a puppet show in the tv room. I heard Burgess in the kitchen discussing pottery with some hapless guest.

"I've got some nice pieces," he said. "I've been buying them up for years at sales and flea markets. You can get good stuff around here. Lately I've been going on eBAy, seeing what they're worth."

"Let's go," I said to LZ. "I've had enough Thanksgiving."

"Leaving already?" Burgess shouted. "Wait a minute.

"What is it,?" I asked.

"We're playing tomorrow night," Burgess said.

"Thanks for warning me," I said.

"Seriously, why don't you guys come out?"

"I would," I said, "but I don't like the blues."

"Blues?" Burgess said. "I fired that band; I'm a crooner now."

You don't say," I said.

"I've got JH and Larry playing with me now," Burgess said. "It's great."


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